Investment AFK

Investment AFK is a script to keep your players connected in order to attract other players. Players who wish to be AFK can go to an NPC or use a command to access the investment menu. Once they do that, they can choose how much time and money they will earn! And once the AFK is over, they can return to their RolePlay. If a player wishes to stop their investment, they can simply quit and pick up where they left off.


  • QB target support for QBCore or ESX.
  • Afk zone's setup in the config file.
  • QB logs support for QBCore and for ESX it's a webhook.
  • Autohealing with supported hunger and thirst for afk player.
  • Freezing support for afk player.
  • Invincible support for afk player. 
  • Fade out and fade in while teleporting a player into the afk zone.
  • Change name and description of the command /afk or disable it.
  • Update investments, amount, image, name, description, time left, ...
  • Update peds, coords, label, scenario, pedmodel, target icon, label, blips, ...


Do you want to see a video of this asset? Click here !