Rental is a script that adds the possibility for players who have just arrived on the server, or players who do not have a vehicle to be able to rent a vehicle. The vehicle is rented for 300 seconds (changeable) when the player leaves the vehicle, if he is not back in the vehicle before the timeout the vehicle disappears.


  • QB target support for QBCore or ESX.
  • Multi language system included in the script.
  • Timeout configurable in seconds.
  • Plate format for the current rented vehicle.
  • Sound configurable for every tick under 10 seconds timeout.
  • Sound configurable for the end of the timeout.
  • NUI is fully configurable.
  • Locations of peds available.
  • Blip is configurable with enabled, label, id, scale, color and display.
  • Ped is configurable with scenario and model and coords.
  • Spawn of the rented transport is configurable with coords, model spawned and price.


Do you want to see a video of this asset? Click here !