Electrician Job

Electrician job is a script that allows your players to first repair the electricity panels in the city (which are malfunctioning all the time) or to go directly to the panels outside the city (which brings more money).


  • Target system support : qb-target or ox_target
  • Working inside or outside of the industry
  • Minigames already available : progressbar, skillcheck, nui-game
  • Minigames for inside and outside are editable in config
  • Clothing changes
  • All clothes are editable in the config
  • Vehicle of the industry for working outside with custom plate
  • Multiples spawn point to avoid colision
  • Any vehicle and be added into the config for custom vehicle
  • All render distance are editable in the config
  • Reward is fully editable with the type and the amount
  • Reward is separated into 2 categories, simple panel & big panel
  • All of the panels is put into a table in the config and fully editable


Do you want to see a video of this asset? Click here !